Mauritius Gambling Advantages

Mauritius is an island country located in the Indian Ocean and offers various opportunities in terms of gambling and betting industry. The casino and betting industry, which develops in the country, especially in connection with tourism, operates within a legal and regulated framework. Mauritius has become an important destination in this field, offering a variety of gambling and betting options for both locals and tourists.

Gambling and Betting Industry in Mauritius

    Legal Regulations: In Mauritius, casinos and betting shops are operated within the legal frameworks determined by the government. These regulations include the operation, licensing and supervision of casinos and betting companies.

    Casinos: There are several casinos in the country and these facilities offer a variety of gambling options such as slot machines, table games and poker.

    Sports Betting: Horse racing is a particularly popular sport in Mauritius and it is common to bet on races held in this area. Additionally, betting options for other sports are also available.

Economic and Social Impacts of Gambling and Betting

  • Contribution to the Tourism and Entertainment Sector: Casinos and betting shops contribute significantly to tourism revenues and increase the tourist attraction of Mauritius
  • Economic Contributions: The gambling and betting industry can contribute to the Mauritius economy through tax revenues and employment.
  • Responsible Gambling: Various measures are taken to prevent gambling addiction and promote responsible gambling in Mauritius.


The gambling and betting industry in Mauritius operates under legal regulations and controls, while providing economic opportunities and making significant contributions to the tourism sector. Gambling and betting in the country are offered responsibly and attract the attention of both locals and tourists. While regulating this sector, the Mauritius government tries to balance both economic benefits and social protection.